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Now AndForever

.Sunday, January 30, 2011@11:00 AM.

It seems like my blog had dead for 2 sem, which is about 7 months.
So, im gonna resurrect it. Hehe.
First of all, im so glad that i can get back my ptptn ad~ ^^
Besides, i cut my hair,short sideburn and no bangs.

This sem was the hardest sem for me...
FYI, i need to go campus by bus ad, my sis used the car until June. >..<
Without 3 weeks, my mum said my face became darker...
Besides that, I got 7 subjects which lead to 11 assignments and 9 midterm tests.. @.@
God bless me~

.Friday, July 23, 2010@1:09 PM.

Step on? step off?
should i keep on writing blog or just give up?
since there was nothing inside my blog..lolz
Btw there is an important news~
Baby going to take driving license ad...
ngek ngek...
baby will fetch me to campus soon... wakakaka

.Monday, March 29, 2010@6:00 PM.

the view from a peak to another peak
(x mark is my granpa's grave which behind the tree)

Last Sat and Sun went for qing ming ==

Its a day to memory ancestor

But seems like i didnt saw them b4

except my grandpa and grand grandma lol

Its a tough job to move those foods, candle and etc UNDER the sun

from GROUND to the PEAK >.<

i almost could'nt breath when reach the peak..

we start from 12pm until 5pm

Gosh~ its the hotest time of the day~ XC

wondering why they wan to chose tat time -.-

but then nid to wait them (who are stay at KL or somewhere) until 1pm

luckily there is a tree

waiting the others family

if nt, we'll back home rather than wait like a 'sohai'

and finally i get sunburnt when reached home..

both of my arms are red in colour

until now i cant slp well cause of the painful @.@

mum and two bro are clearing the grass

my youngest bro seems like exhaust ady.. haha..

(granpa's grave)Lastly my uncle(nt fat cat) , my dad, my granma and forget whose hand is it

P.S. Those pictures are captured through my new phone N97 mini..

.Tuesday, March 23, 2010@9:52 PM.

Happened a lot of thg since my last post

felt like want to post smthg at here

but cant really remember wat to write it ==

okie let it recall

During CNY:

quite bored on it since ntg to do at all

but i visit baby's house.. haha

quite embarrasing cause it's my 1st time to meet her parents ^^

for more details can c my baby's blog hehe

During preparation of UMS:

its a busy week on it

meeting, training and preparation for the stage

i miss lot of classes during tat week ==

When 6th of Mac,Finale of UMS:

this was my 1st time on stage since i had a bad memory at standard 1 >.<

so tension to walk or perform in public

although cant get any awards on it but gain stage experience and meet new fren during it^^

photo can be view at my facebook's photo


i wan to apologize to baby tat

Baby sorry tat i done a wrong thg at last week

hope tat u will forget tat incident

i promise u at here i wont do tat again sorry.. muacks

Another bad news for my bank account

My handphone SPOILT ady

i can use it to ans and call phone only,if i remember the phone number~ hehe..


hope tat mum will let me buy wat i wan

i thnk tats all although i miss out quite many thg..

.Monday, January 4, 2010@11:12 PM.

Happy New Year~
Had a nice BBQ party at Richie's house~
Won $$ by plying 'Nami' at his house~
but then lose it out a few days later~
hoping to have a nice day in Genting at 11/01~ ^^

P.s New year new wish new hope
hope tis year have a better life for me~ ^^

.Wednesday, November 25, 2009@2:57 AM.

Sem 2 had been past so fast~
Done assignment and oral presentation this sem~
quite busy as long as it was short sem~
Besides, me my girl ahbi Ben and Jenn watched 2012 during tis sem ^^

Furthermore, i had registered for UTAR Model
The 1st activity that i participate since i joined UTAR lol

.Wednesday, September 23, 2009@4:14 AM.

Last sat celeb fren's birthday at @Maison~~
but felt bored~~
Maybe cause of my fren had brought his GF to there~~
and now~~
Kampar again~~
preparing for next 2 exam~~
Life full of eXamination~~






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